10 Sustainable Living Ideas for Your Home

Sustainability and being environment friendly is something you are thinking about? Interested to do your bit to lead a sustainable lifestyle? Learn more about how to transition to a lifestyle that is sustainable and easy to adopt.
There has been a growing awareness about sustainability in the recent years. People are making conscious decisions to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable. Awareness is being built on how one can help reduce carbon footprint.
Easy and small incremental changes can help you kick-start this transformation of living a more sustainable lifestyle at home.
It’s not at all complicated. All it takes is determination, a few simple updates to your lifestyle and you are on your way to begin adopting a sustainable lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

What is sustainability?
Sustainability in simple terms means, making choices today that will have a positive impact on the planet tomorrow.
It means thinking of the needs of future generations by ensuring that they will inherit a safe and healthy planet to live and thrive on.
Sustainability has taken centre stage at many high level discussions. But, it is not an issue that only needs to be resolved by the leaders of our nations, corporations and environmental organisations. It is a matter of individual concern. And appropriate steps should be taken to work together to limit the ill effects and adopt sustainable living as a way of life.
So what does sustainable living really mean? Read on to learn what sustainable living looks like and how you can achieve it in your own life.

What is sustainable living?
Sustainable living is a lifestyle that seeks to reduce the individual or societal consumption of the earth’s natural and personal resources.
A change from a life of convenience that involves high carbon footprint, wastage, etc. to a life of making conscious choices that help to offset climate change and reduce environmental damage is what sustainable living is all about.
It is a conscious movement adopted by people to reduce carbon footprint and better use the Earth’s resources to minimize the environmental damage that can be caused by lifestyle choices.
Sustainability comes in many forms and with many benefits, so you may wonder what it means to live sustainably.

What are some examples of sustainable living?
There are many simple ways that can help us live a more sustainable life.
Food is an important area that one can bring about a change in. Buy local and in-season foods farmed sustainably. Sustainable farming discourages waste and encourages low-impact, seasonal diets.
Another example of sustainable living is buying items made using natural and environment friendly products, recycled materials or designed to be zero-waste.
Many companies are moving away from traditional packing material to using recycled products as part of their packaging.
Similarly, clothing, bedding, and furniture that are natural and made from recycled or eco-friendly materials are being introduced in the market and made easily accessible for consumers who are keen to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.
There are all sorts of simple and useful ways to live a sustainable life. Read on to find out how you can minimise your impact on the environment and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
Use these 10 tips for a sustainable lifestyle to help you make the transition to a cleaner, greener world.

11 Sustainable Living Ideas for Your Home
It’s easy, it’s doable, it saves you money. Most important, it helps you make a difference! Join the movement towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle.
It doesn’t have to be drastic changes and you don’t need to go 100% sustainable overnight. Transition slowly as this will help you make the right choices and lead you in the right direction.

1. Start with small and easy choices
Switch from plastic water bottles to stainless steel, reusable bottles.
Segregate garbage into wet and dry waste. Use local seasonal produce.

2. Remind yourself to start looking at product labels
Choose natural, eco-friendly, organic products rather than those without proper certifications.

3. Stay loyal to the 3 R’s
Reduce, reuse, recycle the 3 R’s mantra for you.

4. Stay informed through Research
Keep yourself updated about what’s happening in the sustainable lifestyle space. This will help you find the right products, new ideas and innovate on how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle at home.

5. Kitchen Products
• Switch from disposables to reusable. Replace plastic containers, food wraps and disposables with other reusable and safe material like glass, stainless steel, etc.
• Consider using paper towels that are biodegradable. Or still better use washable paper towels made of bamboo that are natural and reusable.
• Use eco-friendly & sustainable cooking utensils and gadgets like bamboo, moulded bamboo, stainless steel, natural clay pots.
Bamboo is stronger and more durable than wood, and bamboo forests replenish themselves faster than tree/wood forests.

6. Home Furnishings
Look out for home furnishings, bedding, mattresses that are natural, eco-friendly, durable and have a long life.
A good mattress and bedding made out of natural fibres like bamboo have many additional benefits besides being completely natural and extremely environmentally friendly.

7. Cleaning Products
Avoid using home cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals or bleach. Natural alternatives like apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda and water do a great job of removing tough stains without excess waste or harm to the environment.

8. Water preservation
Water is one of the most valuable resources and a resource that is depleting fast. Save water by fixing leaking taps, closing the tap when showering or washing hands, recycling water, rain harvesting, wherever possible.

9. Energy
Reduce energy consumption by switching off fans and lights when not in use. Set washing machine wash mode to cold water, wash full load and hang dry clothes instead of the usual spin dry, this can help save energy as well as will help reduce your bills.

10. Shopping Food
• Shop locally and buy seasonal produce that is grown locally. Helps to support your community.
• Carry your own reusable bags and avoid asking for paper or plastic bags from your vendor.
• Try to avoid packaged food packed in plastic and disposables.

11. Clothes
• Shop for only things that you need. Avoid cluttering your wardrobe.
• Avoid fast fashion as those eventually end up in landfills.
• Reuse, repurpose your clothes by upcycling them and turning them into something trendy.
• Use fabrics and weaves that are natural, eco-friendly and made using natural dyes and minimal chemical processes.

We can make a small difference by living a lifestyle that our world can sustain. By reducing our carbon footprint through our energy consumption, our fashion choices, and our lifestyle, we are making a difference and changing the lives of future generations.


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