How to get a good night’s rest in an environment friendly and sustainable way?

A restful and adequate amount of sleep is one of the major contributors of a healthy lifestyle. The other important ones being good nutrition and exercise.

Health professionals recommend adults should have at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Both the quantity and quality of sleep are equally important and play a crucial role in maintaining good health of mind and body.

Having a good sleep seems like the most basic and easy task to do. Yet a large number of people have difficulty with this most fundamental activity called sleep. They either have trouble getting to sleep easily, or staying asleep or wake up without feeling rested enough.

This in turn has it repercussions on health. Lower productivity and a drop in the levels of alertness during the day is also experienced.




Here are 7 easy and natural tips that you can follow to help you sleep better:

1.Expose yourself to a good dose of bright light during the day.
2.Try and stick to a fixed schedule of going to bed and waking up.
3.Avoid irregular or long daytime naps.
4.Reduce blue light exposure in the evening.
5.Create the right ambience in your bedroom.
6.Set your bedroom temperature.
7.Get a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow.

An important aspect that cannot be ignored.

When asked what one needs for a good restful sleep, we imagine a great bed with a comfortable mattress. Some sink in soft pillows, fresh crisp sheets and soft comforters that one can snuggle into.

Beds in leading hotels offer this luxury. Which often leaves us wondering, from where do they get their mattresses? And what would it take for us to find the right kind of mattress?

A mattress that is good for our body, has the right amount of firmness so we can get out of bed without aches and pains. Offers comfort, keeps our body cool, is natural and environment friendly, feels luxurious and comes at an affordable price.

Bamboo Mattress ticks all the above boxes and is an innovation in the sleep industry’s smart bedding solutions. These bedding solutions are crafted using the goodness of natural bamboo.

Why Bamboo? Let’s understand more about this wonder plant.
Think bamboo and the mind draws up images of lush long green stalks. Bamboo is often mistaken for a tree, but it is a grass. In fact, it is the largest member of the grass family.
As a raw material, bamboo is a natural and highly sustainable plant. It has a minimal environmental impact and possesses many sustainable benefits. These include:

1.Bamboos grow at an extremely fast rate and is an easy to grow plant with the least amount of fuss.
2.They mature quite fast.
3.Bamboo is a wonder plant that is able to grow on land that may be unsuitable for cultivation of other crops.
4.It requires minimal amount of pesticides to survive. Hence, it is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals that could harm people and mother earth.
5.One of its most inherent feature is that it is able to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide.

As the world’s fastest growing plant, this exotic growth is both earth-friendly and extremely useful for making quality products. Used across different industries, this sustainable and environmental friendly material has many applications.
Bamboo Mattress, has leveraged the use of this wonder plant in an innovative and eco-friendly way in its range of products.

Mattresses and pillows made with bamboo, have multiple health benefits. They do wonders for our body. And by using this highly renewable resource, they are safeguarding the environment and offering a sustainable way of lifestyle upgrade and staying healthy while getting a good night’s sleep.

What are the benefits of using Bamboo in bedding?
One of the most innovative creations of the bamboo industry is the bamboo fabric. It has many positives when compared to similar products made from other material like cotton, silk, rayon, etc.

1. Anti-bacterial properties
Bamboo has antibacterial properties. These properties stay on in the bamboo fibres even after they are naturally processed. This helps to keep mattresses and pillows free from bacteria, dust mites, etc.
A great feature to have in beddings, making it a superior choice for all, and especially for people with allergies.
2. Breathable and absorbent
Bamboo is known for its excellent absorbent properties. It wicks away moisture from the body keeping skin cool and dry in warm months. It also works as an insulation in the colder months to keep the body warm.
The fabric is breathable hence does not cling to the skin and also help to keep it odourless.
3. Natural fibres and eco friendly
Bamboo is an easily manageable crop that grows well without too much water and in any soil conditions. It survives with very little or no pesticide due to its inbuilt anti-bacterial mechanism. It is considered as one of the most natural fabrics as it is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals as compared to other crops like cotton.
4. Bio degradable
It is 100% bio degradable.
5. Soft
Bedding made of bamboo fibres is softer than most cotton beddings, and drapes with the look of silk without the expense.

Bamboo is being recognized as a great resource that is cost effective. It has innumerable health benefits, is completely natural and sustainable. When compared to other fabrics like cotton, silk, etc. it offers far more benefits. It is durable and long lasting, looks and feels good and is light on the pocket.Bamboo Mattress is claiming its space in the bedding segment. Its innovative bamboo products are sustainable, and customized to offer a well-rested and feel good experience.Bamboo Duplay Mattresses and Bamboo Ortho S have been crafted with care, precision and keeping the goodness of bamboo intact through its natural processing.Bamboo Cool OG, Bamboo Latex OG and Bamboo Ortho OG Pillows have been specially designed keeping individual comfort and best fit in mind.

A good night’s rest in an eco-friendly way is now within your reach. Luxury, comfort and sustainability now made possible with Bamboo Mattress.

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