Frequently Asked Question

What is Bamboo Mattress?

A. Bamboo mattress is a sustainable sleep solution brand that uses technology to weave the threads of comfort and sustainability together to help you SLEEP better. Just sleeping is never enough, what matters is sleeping well.  We are here to make that shift from sleep to sleeping well through our range of well researched, innovatively designed, environmentally friendly and affordable products that will help you sleep better.

What type of mattress does Bamboo make?

A. We provide eco-engineered, sustainable & recyclable memory foam & HR foam mattresses that are designed for every body type and need. Engineered to provide ultimate posture support, our mattresses are a result of smart OG sleep-up technology that is being used to bring about this innovation in the sleep industry.  The use of natural resources like bamboo fibre, anti-bacterial and natural plant oils, cool gel technology, etc. have been intertwined into the manufacturing process in the most environmentally friendly way without compromising on the natural advantages of these wonder products.

Is the Bamboo Mattress safe?

A. Absolutely YES!! Our products are 100% safe, sustainable and recyclable, with anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and hypoallergenic properties.

Will I get the extra cover with the mattress?

A. No. Although our mattresses have zipper covers (except for Bamboo Eco Cross) which makes it removable and washable very conveniently.

How firm and soft is the mattress?

A. Our mattresses cater to  the medium-firm to firm category. As it is focused on the unconditional sleep support aspect, while maintaining your body posture and form. Even our foams have been engineered to the requirements of various individuals and keeping the required comfort level in mind. Nevertheless, you will find something that’s ideal for you at Bamboo Mattress.

Can I clean the cover of the mattress?

A.  Yes!! Our mattresses come with a zipper cover for you to easily remove and clean it from time to time. Except for Bamboo Eco Cross – we do not provide zipper cover for Bamboo Eco Cross still it can be cleaned with a basic mattress cleaner or a vacuum cleaner.

What’s the warranty on Bamboo Mattress?

A.  Our warranty differs from product to product.
– Duplay Mattress- 7 years
– Ortho-S Mattress- 10 years
– Eco Cross Mattress- 4 years
– Tri-Fold Mattress- 1 month

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?

A. You can only flip or rotate Eco- cross & Duplay mattress as they are dual sided.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I tell which mattress size will work best for me?

A. Ideally, your mattress should fit the size of your present bed unless you intend on using it directly on the floor. Here are few tips to keep in mind while selecting the size :

  • Single – Best for moderate height adults and kids.
  • Twin – Offers little more space than a single-sized mattress.
  • Queen – The most widespread size for two sleepers.
  • King – The most space available width-wise. Great for two sleepyheads that like to spread out, or for sleeping with kids or pets.
What all is covered in warranty? For warranty please refer to our Manufacturer’s warranty Document attached below:
Is your foam Hypoallergenic?

A. Yes, all our foams are hypoallergenic. It helps to keep your bed fresh providing a refreshing sleep experience.

Is your mattress sustainable & recyclable?

A.  Yes, all our mattresses are 100% sustainable and recyclable, giving you a lifestyle upgrade that gets you closer to nature.

What all sizes do you provide?

A. We provide you four sizes which are Single, Twin, Queen and King.

Can we get doorstep delivery?

A. Yes, we provide a doorstep delivery for every purchase, taking care of your comfort, end to end.

Do you have EMI options on your products?

A. We do not provide EMI options as of now.