A lifestyle upgrade to get
one step closer to nature.
We believe in crafting a good night’s sleep that is good for you, your wellbeing, and good for Mother Earth too!

Offering eco-friendly bedding solutions that uses technology to weave the threads of comfort and sustainability together to help you SLEEP better.

Just sleeping is never enough, what matters is sleeping well.  We are here to make that shift from sleep to sleeping well through our range of well researched, innovatively designed, environmental friendly and affordable products that will help you sleep better.

Sleep in the lap of nature

When we embarked on our journey of offering something different, we were sure about two things, one is, how we can aid good sleep and the second was, responsibly using resources that were given to us by nature. 

It took us a lot of brainstorming, exploring and R&D to come up with the perfect balance as we valued both; fulfilling our customer’s needs as well as our commitment to sustainability.

The good sleep innovation

The core components of a mattress or a pillow are fairly standard.  What makes all the difference is how they can be improved through the use of technology and innovation to make a product that is superior not only in quality, but also in its intrinsic features.

Our offerings are a result of smart technology that is being used to bring about this innovation in the sleep industry.  The use of natural resources like bamboo fibre, anti-bacterial and natural plant oils, cool gel technology, etc. have been intertwined into the manufacturing process in the most environmental friendly way without compromising on the natural advantages of these wonder products that have been provided by nature.  

We stand by our brand promise

At Bamboo Mattress, we are extremely serious when it comes to our brand values and the promise that we make to all our stakeholders including the environment.  Our message is loud and clear and our actions are consistent with our message. 

We envision bamboo mattress to be India’s leading lifestyle brand, that upgrades people’s lifestyle by providing 100% natural and eco-friendly products that are optimised for efficiency, practicality, and sustainability in a cost efficient manner.  

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Weaving together comfort with sustainability to help you SLEEP better!
Sleep is one of the main foundations of leading a healthy and happy life. If we can help in improving the way people sleep, we will be instrumental in improving the wellbeing of families, societies, communities and at the same time help them upgrade and transition to a lifestyle that is sustainable

We have invested in a world class R&D facility, led by dedicated domain experts and next generation tech innovators so that we continue to innovate and bring about a sustainable lifestyle revolution.

Recycling and Rewards

We are minimizing environmental impact by taking your old mattress for recycling within our facility. 


We believe that awareness brings about transformation and transformation leads to change.  We would like to build awareness about sustainability and invite likeminded people to join us in our initiative.

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